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Product innovation


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Research and Development
Scientific research and development is the powerful weapon of Aoyang wool fabric to cope with the market competition. We establish R&D center to keep on the cutting-edge of new technology and fashion. Our R&D team includes advanced CAD system, lab equipments, trial machine and testing equipments to explore new technology and new process, develop new products and create new trend.

Develop New Products with Innovative Technology
Some of Our Featured Products:
1.Waterproof suitable wool cloth
2.Environmental protection melton
3.Jacquard fabric
4.Alpaca woolen fleece

Design Service
The colorful world needs fashionable products. Every season our partner with professional design studio and fashion study organization to collect the trend information, and come up with new construction, pattern and colors for our new collection line. Also, for our key customers, we offer exclusive design service with quick response on CAD development to support them to develop most sellable products. To provide best value to our customers and be responsible for environmental protection, we never stop on exploring process optimization to save energy and reduce wastage. In a word, To be the best partner of customers by supporting their business with best service and greatest value is our final mission.

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