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Zhangjiagang Aoyang Wool Fabric Co.,Ltd
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Our company was established in 1998, is a collection of dyeing, spinning, weaving, finishing in one versatile professional production of woolen manufactures. Located in the best location, merchants preferential policies, good investment environment, European Industrial Park, Zhangjiagang City. The company covers an area of 35000 square meters, and has sophisticated equipment. It includes 12 top dyeing cylinder, 8 scattered hair dyeing cylinder, 8 sets of woolen cards, 5000 ingots of worsted spindles, imported rapier 16 units and domestic rapier 30 units, also has 40 sets of shuttle looms. The annual production of Dyeing and Finishing is 300 millions (monthly production is over 250,000m) the annual sales value is reached over 120millions RMB.

The produced Aoyang brand woolen products include: coat woolen、uniform woolen、cashmere plaid woolen、the series of rabbit cashmere woolen、mohair、Alpaca alpaca、babe wealth woolen、short smooth hair、upright pile、double-faced pile and any varieties of high-grade woolen fabrics. Our company focuses on product research and development, Strong technical force, has a number of famous engineers and professional product researchers. Every year hundreds of new products would be developed, as many as hundreds of pieces of patents, formed a professional fabric, civilian products and export the product structure of the trinity. Especial in the professional fabric, to be a designated production enterprise of General logistic department、PAP Headquarters、Ministry of Public Security、Eastern Airlines and some Industry apparel fabrics.

Foreign trade products are mainly exported to America、England、France、Russia、Turkey、Japan、Korea、Hongkong and other countries or districts. About the domestic market are mainly exported to Beijing、Shanghai、Guangzhou、Chengdu and others large and medium-size enterprises. To be our famous product double-faced woolen fabrics has occupied more than 40% share of the domestic market, and enjoy high reputation in the international and domestic market.

Since the found of company, continue increasing investment, expanding the scale of development, and strengthening the internal management at the same time. Introduction of multi product development、technology management and marketing talents, the production management of enterprise and marketing system had been gradually incorporated into the enterprise modernization management orbit so that could promoted the expanding of our product marketing and benefits increased year by year, finally our company has a larger development. The company was awarded the advanced enterprise in Suzhou city, through the identification of china famous product in 1996, and got the certificate of advanced standard acceptance in domestic and foreign of Jiangsu province Bureau of technical supervision. The company got the right of import and export in 2001.


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