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About us


Zhangjiagang Aoyang Wool Fabric Co.,Ltd
Add:European Industrial Park,Tangshi Town,Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China


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Our Mission:

To be the best partner of customers by supporting their business with best service and greatest value.

Our development concept:

Self-improvement, beyond the self, leading science and technology, resplendence accomplishment.

Our Enterprise Spirit:

Devoting, Hard working, Specializing and Innovating.

Devoting: be loyal, disciplined, and brave to bear responsibility.

Hard Working: be practical, earnest, diligent and aspirant.

Specializing: be specialized, be perfect. 。

Innovating: be aspirant, persistent and innovative.

Our Principle:

Serve customers, employees and society.

Serve customers with best quality and value;

Serve employees with respect and care;

Serve society with responsibility and contribution;


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